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When visiting the Tahoe Basin enter our web site created with love from natives of this enchanting paradise. Formed about ten million years ago The Tahoe Basin was created by the shifting of geological faults. The Carson Range and The Sierra Nevada's two parallel faults were formed, up-thrown fault blocks created the highest peaks and down thrown fault blocks sank down to create a V-shaped valley now known as Lake Tahoe.

As the sands of time wore on a few more million years later, volcanic activity helped in reshaping nature's creation. Boiling lava from the top of Mt. Pluto formed a barrier across the basins northeastern outlet, The Truckee River. The lava dam eroded pushing the way for the present path of the lower Truckee River the only outlet to the lake.

Glaciers huge in stature grew during the ice age, surrounding the mountains once again reshaping and reforming the canyons on the western side. The chipping away of loose rock formed the U-shaped valleys of Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake and Cascade Lake. Time has definitely been on our side, for today as you look at the wonders around you, in this place of peace, you can see how it has intrigued generations before us.

The Washoe Indians were the first to enjoy the many benefits of life on the lake. As a Summer retreat the tribe would migrate from The Carson Valley to the cooler temperatures the mountains provided. Abundant fishing and hunting also brought these peaceful indians to the lake. "Da-ow-a-ga" is the native tongue for Lake Tahoe "The jewel of the Sierra"; here was the birthplace of their heritage.

Known to many as one of the most beautiful places on the earth, Tahoe's sought after legend and mystic quality is treasured by people from all walks of life from the rich and famous to the working class hero.